Some of my comedic acting, writing, and directing work.

Stand & Deliver
Racist Phone
Pitch Perfect Deal
Found footage of Antonio Banderas commercial
Allstate Commercial Audition
Cartel (Spanish)
Un Papa Moderno (Spanish)
Direcciones (Spanish)
Hashtag (Spanish)
Cesar Jaime Acting Reel

“Good Hombres” is a culturally inspired sketch comedy show that highlights Latino culture and topics while being relatable, appealing, and funny to all audiences.

Written and Created by Damian Anaya, Jose Molina, Cesar Jaime

Directed by Cesar Jaime

DP: Derek Cox with assistance by Dan Finnen and Kyle Bethea

Produced by: Cesar Jaime, Derek Cox, Dan Finnen

‘Good Hombres’ was an official selection of the 2018 New York Television Festival.

"Good Hombres" Comedy Pilot